Pata Messengers

Pata MessengersIn the compositions of the Pata Messengers space is created for the art of improvisation, in which the virtuosity and the interaction of the musicians can unfold in.

A powerful flow of expressive music.

Norbert Stein - tenor saxophone; Philip Zoubek - piano; Joscha Oetz - double bass; Etienne Nillesen - prepared snare drum + cymbal

Pata For Two

Pata For TwoThe smallest of the Pata ensembles Pata For Two  is dedicated in an intensive way to the powerful performance of Melos and the opening of new musical spaces.

Norbert Stein - tenor saxophone
Etienne Nillesen - prepared snare drum + cymbal

Orchestra projects

Pata OrchestraGraphically notated Pata composition "Graffiti Suite" for large ensemble.
Sound, structures, expression in the exciting area of New Music, Jazz and Improvised Music.

Pata music for large ensemble

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PATA MUSIC  Phone +49-2205-86865    Fax +49-2205-913920
Eiserweg 14a    51503 Roesrath   Germany

Excerpt of former projects:
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CD Graffiti Suite "Pata Messengers Play Rainer Maria Rilke "Das Karussell"
The focal point is the musical setting of poems by Rainer Maria Rilke about life, love and passion. New pata compositions translate Rilke's lyrical poetry into exciting music.
CD Graffiti Suite "Pata On The Cadillac"
An entertaining mix of avant garde and tradition.
CD Graffiti Suite"Silent Sitting Bulls"
A fascinating endeavor.
CD Direct Speech"Direct Speech"
A fascinating flow of new Pata compositions, energetic rhythms and expressive soloists. A powerful ensemble in exciting time.
CD Graffiti Suite"Graffiti Suite"
Realisation of the graphic composition for improvising orchestra by the NDR Bigband
CD cover Pata Generators "code carnival" "Code Carnival"
The 8-piece edition of Pata Generators
CD Pata Java"Pata Java"
Encounter and co-operation of Pata Masters with the Gamelan-orchestra Kua Etnika in Indonesia. In co-operation with the GoetheInstitut Jakarta
CD Live in Australia"Live in Australia"
Concert tour and radio-recording of the Pata Masters at Wangaratta
CD Die Schoene und das Biest"The Beauty and The Beast / La Belle et La Bête"
Co-operation with French musicians of ARFI/Lyon. In commission of the Cultural Department of Bayer
CD cover "Pata Blue Chip""Pata Blue Chip"
Elektronische Kompositionen mit Videospuren von Reinhold Knieps
CD Pata Maroc"Pata Maroc"
Soundscape-project with Michael Ruesenberg. In co-operation with the GoetheInstitut Rabat
CD Pata Bahia"Pata Bahia"
Encounter and co-operation of Pata Masters with Brasilian musicians at the GoetheInstitut Salvador Bahia
CD News of Roi Ubu"News of Roi Ubu"
PATA MUSIC meets ARFI. Concert series of variable ensembles. Commisioned production on occasion of the art exhibitions of the Cultural Department of Bayer
CD The secret act of painting"The Secret Act of Painting"
Commisioned production for the series "Jazz im Foyer" on occasion of the art exhibitions of the Cultural Department of Bayer
CD cover Pata Masters "Graffiti" CD cover Pata Masters "Blue Slit" CD cover Pata Orchester "ritual life" CD cover Pata Orchester "Die wilden Pferde der armen Leute"
CD cover Pata Trio "Lucy und der Ball" CD cover Pata Orchester "Die fuenf Tage"